bulletpointThis project began in the 1990s when Eva Balogh discovered there was very little written about the usherette and their place in cinema history. She interviewed several former usherettes who had worked at cinemas in Portsmouth, U.K. These interviews revealed fascinating facts about how the usherette contributed to the cinema organisation and, how pivotal they were to both the industry and the audience’s film-going experience. This has been overlooked in the countless publications on cinema history. She is now bringing together research from many sources to create a unique archive which preserves an important part of cinema heritage. A book is currently in preparation and, through media programmes*, exhibitions, academic publications, public talks and this website, her work is finally shining the spotlight on these Stars in the Aisles. 
bulletpointSpecial thanks must be acknowledged to the original interviewees – Charlotte Allen, Vera Ayres, Olive Durrant, Ellen Hawkins, Margaret Head, Margaret Eva Hunt, Molly Rowe, Peggy Sands, E.V. Smith, Florence Wall and Betty Weston. Invaluable contributions were also given by George Quittenbourne and David Young. All participants gave their consent to be included in this research.
bulletpointAdditional thanks to, University of Portsmouth, U.K.Portsmouth City Museum and Archives, The Cinema Theatre AssociationDavid Trigg and The Cinema Museum, Steve Byrne, Russell Squires, Kevin Wheelan, Keith Wilton and, all the local history cinema projects in the U.K. and beyond.
bulletpoint This is a live and ongoing project and it would love to hear from you with your memories of being an usherette or your recollections of usherettes. Please contact Eva Balogh (see contact) or leave a comment.

The small (but important) print

The Last Usherettes film was broadcast on the B.B.C.’s The One Show on 15th August 2018