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May 2017 – New publication

I am delighted (and privileged) to say that the long awaited article, Stars in the Aisles: Cinema usherettes, identity and ideology is now published in Participations: journal of audience and reception studies,  (May 2017)

I must thank Martin Barker (editor) for his continual support and patience with this, as well as thanking everyone who helped make it come to fruition.


September 2016 – San Jose

I have now had a week in Cupertino (near san Jose), staying with Connie and her husband Jim. Connie was an usherette during the 1950s in Milbrae. She has been telling me about her days as a cinema usherette and how much the movies influenced her life. We have also visited some amazing old cinemas, which have been lovingly restored to their former glory. The Stanford in Palo Alto is a triumph of sumptuous Art Deco, which has an organ recital prior to the start of each performance, as well as at the end. And the recently restored Los Gatos cinema in Los Gatos, is a beautiful masterpiece. The only thing missing were the usherettes…


August 2016 – Margaret Herrick library, Los Angeles

I unearthed some fascinating photos of cinema workers, usherettes and ushers, at the Margaret Herrick Library, Los Angeles last week, as well as some fantastic information about the rules and regulations that the cinema workers had to adhere to. For example, usherettes were not, under any circumstances, allowed to form relationships with co-workers. Nor were they allowed to fraternise with the male cinema audience. This clearly had little impact, as I have often been told that usherettes married male projectionists and also had many dates with the men who went to the movies! Where there is a will….

June 2016 – Beyond the Banana Skin, exhibition and talk

As part of the Beyond the Banana Skin programme at-

Portsmouth’s independent cinema No. 6

Eva Balogh will introduce the film, The Good Fairy

To accompany the talk and the film, the exhibition, Stars in the Aisles: The History of the Usherette, will be on display at the cinema from 16th June 2016.

May 2016 – Doing Women’s Film and TV History III Conference

  The exhibition, Stars in the Aisles: The History of the Usherette, will be on display to complement the international conference, ‘Doing Women’s Film and TV History III’, at the Phoenix Cinema and Arts Centre in Leicester, UK. 18-20th May 2016,